We develop technologies to help increase the forest cover of the UK

To tackle the nature and climate emergency

trees need to be planted in the UK by 2050.

But most UK countries are not hitting their planting targets.



11,200 / 10,000 ha

Northern Ireland


240 / 500 ha



1,420 / 5,000 ha



520 / 2,000 ha

We use the latest technologies to engage both the public and industry to make sure the right trees get planted in the right place.

Big Data

We're working to gather data about forestry in the UK and, where possible, make this available for other people to use. We want to see a wealth of applications developed to help foresters do their job and engage the public with the issues around forestry.


By using the latest modelling, machine learning, and computer vision technologies, we're helping to develop solutions to improve planning, management and monitoring of UK forests. These solutions help people engage with new technologies such as drones with greater understanding.


All this technology isn't helpful if foresters, stakeholders or members of the public struggle to use it. We specialise in designing easy to use web and mobile interfaces and are actively looking at augmented and virtual reality systems.

Our work so far

Forest Planner

Forest Planner

No matter if you're managing one or one thousand forests, use Forest Planner for more straightforward and quicker planning, monitoring and decision making.

Ecosystem Tracker

Ecosystem Tracker

Ecosystem Tracker lets everyone collaboratively understand what's happening in an area so you can maximise your impact.

Squirrel Sim

Squirrel Sim

Squirrel Sim is an ongoing experiment in how we can engage members of the public in longterm landscape-scale decisions using easy to use modelling tools.

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