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UK forests are struggling

The UK has one of the lowest percentages of forest cover in the world. By increasing the amount of forest cover we can help reverse the lowering biodiversity of the UK along with helping to tackle climate change.

  • 56% long term decline in biodiversity and 13% of species are at risk of extinction.
  • Only 43% of the UKs forests are independently certified as sustainably managed.
  • The Committee on Climate Change have called for a doubling of the number of trees planted in the UK to help tackle climate change.

Forest cover per country

Finland (73.1%)

Sweden (68.4%)

Brazil (59.0%)

Indonesia (53.0%)

Ghana (41.0%)

Canada (38.2%)

Spain (36.9%)

United States (33.9%)

France (31.0%)

United Kingdom (13.0%)

South Africa (7.6%)

How we help

We use the latest technologies to help people understand the state of forestry in the UK, make it easier to manage them and understand why choices are made.

Big Data

We're working to gather data about forestry in the UK and, where possible, make this available for other people to use. We want to see a wealth of applications developed to help foresters do their job and engage the public with the issues around forestry


By using the latest simulation, machine learning, and computer vision techologies we're helping to develop solutions to planning, management and monitoring of UK forests. These solutions help you engage with new technologies such as drones with greater understanding.


All this technology isn't helpful if it can't be used by foresters, stakeholders or members of the public. We specialise in designing easy to use web and mobile interfaces and are actively looking to augemented and virtual reality systems.

Our work so far

Forest Planner


No matter if you're managing one or one thousand forests, Forest Planner is designed to make planning, monitoring and decision making easier, simplier and quicker.

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State of UK Forestry

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Throughout our work we've gathered up lots of interesting data on UK forestry. This is where we're going to share it all through interface visualisations.

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